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I started ShareTheWill from my experience of being the product of a foster child in the 1960s. I bounced around from one foster care center, or family, to another. This experience was more than unbearable, it was plainly awful. I never felt like I fit in or belonged anywhere. All I had left was anger and pain. It wasn’t until I was adopted by mother, father, and sister that I understood what a real family of love meant. Since my adoption, I have committed myself to being a part of families (U.S. Army) that protect and defend our fundamental rights to being treated as human beings deserving of love and belonging. 

Since my retirement from the U.S. Army, I have joined groups such as: SERTOMA of Round Rock, LIONS Club, Round Rock Greater Community Foundation, and many more. I have become fully invested in building bridges and partnerships with fellow community members for the sake of helping even one child who feels the anger and pain I felt as a child. I want to lead by example to these young individuals that there is a better way than pain and anger. To show them they haven’t been forgotten. With the help of the community, I know we have already changed the lives of so many. I am forever hopeful we will continue to do so



I met Will Williams when I was asked to help coordinate an event with him. Will and I discovered we work very well together combining our numerous resources to put on successful events. 

We quickly realized this was a coalition that needed to be more than assisting other agencies - Will needed his own foundation to accomplish his numerous feats of helping the community. Share The Will was born! Will is our "brainstormer" and we work together to bring his ideas to fruition. It is an honor for me to work with Will - where there's a Will, there's a Way!! 



I first met Mr. Will Williams during Christmas of 2011. I heard about this retired military veteran who was doing community projects and thought to myself, what better way to celebrate Christmas than by donating a little bit of time towards helping others. The first project I volunteered at was the SERTOMA Christmas tree lot raising money for Dell Children’s Hospital. After four hours of hard labor moving trees around, I somehow caught the eye of Mr. Williams as a man of my word by showing up.

Helping out during that 2011 Christmas was only the tip of the iceberg of my story. I now look back at this moment as the best Christmas gift I ever received. I was a lost individual who recently moved from Michigan to Central Texas. I didn’t know how bad I was in need of guidance and purpose until I met Mr. Williams. He took me under his wing and showed me how to lead, connect with people, build courage in myself, and to believe the impossible. I have never once regretted or taken for granted all the moments I have experienced through ShareTheWill. I have seen more love and acceptance than I ever thought was possible. 

Going on eight years with ShareTheWill, I am still more than optimistic in the future we are providing for all those who live, work, and share in all the beautiful things in Austin and the surrounding communities. 

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