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 Over the past 15 years I have been involved with numerous organizations throughout Williamson and Travis counties. These organizations have been able to perform outstanding services or provide necessary resources to a variety of people in need: Dell’s Children Hospital, foster care, homeless shelters, military veterans, and senior centers.


As an Army Ranger we are expected to “Lead the Way;" however, it became apparent that my time and resources were being stretched thin in supporting one organization over another. I realized many of these organizations could easily work together in accomplishing their mission. That is where Share the Will came into existence. We are a different organization that bridges the gaps and helps to continue the success of community programs. 


I met Will Williams when I was asked to help coordinate an event with him. Will and I discovered we work very well together combining our numerous resources to put on successful events. We quickly realized this was a coalition that needed to be more than assisting other agencies - Will needed his own foundation to accomplish his numerous feats of helping the community. Share The Will was born! Will is our "brainstormer" and we work together to bring his ideas to fruition. It is an honor for me to work with Will - where there's a Will, there's a Way!! 


Over the past several years I have volunteered on many different projects with several different groups. To me, it was about showing up and seeing the instant difference my work was having on the community. Being that I also moved from Michigan, I wanted to surround myself with like mind people.

Joining Share the Will has given me a new opportunity to be part of an idea that bridges people and resources together. Austin and the surrounding communities has always been welcoming to me since I first move down here. My goal is to keep it that way as the city is rapidly expanding.  Hopefully, Share the Will can be the example to which communities around the country can look to in solving complex community problems. If there is a Will, there is a Way! 

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